The traditional Japanese inn Sakanoue is where you find authentic Kyoto The traditional Japanese inn Sakanoue is where you find authentic Kyoto
  • Experiencing “Maiko”

    Maiko is the one of the most iconic feature that represents culture of Kyoto. You could become one with traditional wearing “kimono” and neatly styled hair.

  • Lighted “Kiyomizu” temple

    Vividly lighted vermillion gate introduces you different aspect of it from the one in daytime.

  • “Yasui Konpiragu” shrine

    It is known for the shrine where encourages to have less negative relationship and more positive relationship. It is said that you could receive divine favor by wishing and going through the stela.

  • “Gion” bean-scattering festival

    It has been one of the most popular annual events in spring that is held on February 2nd and 3rd. People throw beans to wish their well-being and welfare in life. You can enjoy it with Maiko dedicating dance performance.

  • “Kodai-ji” Zen temple

    It is said that Nene, the wife of Hideyoshi Toyotomi who was one of the powerful general in Japanese history, built to mourn the Bodhi for him.

  • Kyoto “Higashiyama Hanatouro”

    It is the new event highlighting “The light” in order to revitalized Higashiyama area. We can say that it is the new culture to appreciate shrines and temples at night.

  • “Yasaka-Koushindou”

    It is popular among ladies as the place with spiritual site.
    The colorful monkey tying and kimono let you capture a delightful picture.

  • Appreciation of Autumn Leaves

    The old capital city of Japan “Kyoto” where has a great deal of places to enjoy of seeing colourful autumn leaves, and it is bustling with many tourists every year. You can see scenic view of autumn leaves coordinating historical architecture.

  • Yasaka Tower

    Official name is Houkanji temple. It is located in between Yasaka shrine and Kiyomizu temple. The landscape you can grasp from the stone paving slope will take your breath away.


“Sakanoue” is located near Gion where is vibrant city yet in quiet and settled area where let you feel historical Kyoto. When you look around inside our building, you would discover the exquisite beauty of Japanese traditional architecture that comes with craftsmanship and their passion. All the furnishings we arrange the rooms with, vases and hanging scrolls, are carefully selected for each rooms to establish sophisticated Japanese atmosphere. You will not hear a sound of car or people from the windows even if they were opened. We offer the silence that helps you to bask in the afterglow of the day. All we want for you is to experience the stay in Japanese inn, which is one of the most distinctive features of Japanese culture.


502 Washiwo-cho Gion-Shimogawara Higashiyama word Kyoto, JAPAN

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Specialty of true “ryokan”, making your moments deeply Japanese.

Interior decoration

Since the opening, we have been maintaining Japanese traditional culture. From the exterior, entrance, guest rooms and bathroom, they shall entertain you visually feeling Japan itself.

  • Building

    Our buildings in tea ceremony arbour style provide the quiet atmosphere of Kyoto that let you forget the clatter of the city. We hope you enjoy the relaxing stay with us.

  • Lobby

    You will feel the true Japanese atmosphere. Every seaon have its own beauty.

  • Entrance

    The scent of incense and Japanese quaint atmosphere welcome you.

“Sakanoue” will be found after going up the stone paving street near flourish Gion, Yasaka shrine in Higashiyama, Koudai-ji temple and Kiyomizu temple.


Take your chance to enjoy the culture of Japanese bathing

Private bath “Kouyamaki”

Kouyamaki is planted in our garden and used as timber. It is one of the most famous types of tree in Japan that does not get rotten easily by water.

  • Bath

    Although our bath is not natural hot spring, our clean wooden bath tab will warm you and relieve the weariness.

  • Private bath “Izumikageishi”

    Mikageishi is a type of stone from Izu, Shizuoka, which is frequently used for bath tab. It is famous for its luxurious color that enhances in the water. Please feel its unique touch.

Kouyamaki is planted in our garden and used as timber. It is one of the most famous types of tree in Japan that does not get rotten easily by water.


Please experience the sensational taste and visual of Kyoto cuisines

Our exquisite seasonal meals

We offer the traditional Kaiseki course with seasonal ingredient served in carefully selected plates. Please experience the dishes with elements of Kyoto.

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  • Steak

    It is the course that has a Japanese beef “Wagyu” for the main dish.

  • Sakanoue style
    “Sukiyaki” beef

    Please savor new style of Sukiyaki, which you can enjoy by breaking the meat down.

  • Desserts

    Kyoto is well known for Japanese traditional desserts. Once you enter your room, you can take a seat and have a cup of tea with our special treat.
    We also provide Western desserts from the well-kept secret café [jouvencelle] if you chose the stay with Western desserts. It will be served with coffee or tea.

Our finely finished dishes are using not only seasonal vegetables raised in Kyoto but also simple seasoning based on fish stock to enhance their own savor. The reason why people never get fed up with our dishes is because chefs work on them to serve you the best.


Well established Japanese style guest rooms for your living experiences

Beauty of the interior

The room we prepare for you is authentic Japanese room where you can relax peacefully yet still in the city. Each craftsman’s thoughts can be seen everywhere in the room, transom, the handle on Japanese sliding door or arranged flowers.

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  • Room

    It comes with vary size, about 25㎡, 35㎡, 38㎡ or 45㎡, and all of them with its own toilet and bath room.

  • Transom

    It is a curved openwork screen decoration. Each design is different so it will be nice to look at.

  • Incense burners

    Our former host selects the incense for each room for guests. Please enjoy the scent of aromatic wood.

We hope you can take your mind off from your daily life a little and enjoy relaxing stay with us.

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The traditional Japanese inn Sakanoue is where you find authentic Kyoto